What will the cost of Healing be for me?

It can be about simple addition and subtraction: What am I Spending being sick, and what will I Regain once I am well again?

I spend approximately per month on herbs and supplements, but I have still not recovered.

I spend approximately per month on prescription drugs, which mask at best, but do not heal.

I spend approximately per year on tests and treatments, but I am still suffering.

I spend an average of per month on expensive organic foods in an attempt to feel a little better.

I lose approximately work days per month @ per day due to my condition.

I would say that my lost productivity has cost me approximately per year in lost raises and bonuses.

I pay other people approximately per month to do things for me that I used to be able to do.

I lose/pay approximately per month related to other things not listed here, due to my illness.

HYPOTHETHICAL: I have missed out on events, people, family, opportunities, and life in general, and if I had to place a dollar figure on all this, I would give dollars per day, just to be well again and free from disease.

I am currently spending approximately $ per month, only to be in the grip of disease.

The Immune Modulating Components necessary for healing cost approximately $150.00 per month during the healing process, and approximately $30.00 per month on the maintenance level.

This means I will be SAVING/MAKING approximately $ dollars per month after I am healed.

By Completing this healing program, and HEALING instead of suffering, I will be SAVING/MAKING $ per year (not including the Hypothetical).

Additionally, the HYPOTHECTICAL figure of $ dollars per year which I was willing to spend to be healed, I will not have to spend.

The best part of all, is that I can be well and enjoy life as I age, avoiding All the autoimmune conditions on the list, instead of suffering and progressively declining.

Remembering: I can’t get an autoimmune disease, with a strong and properly balanced immune system.

The Time Concern Perspective: The next several months are going to go by, whether or not I am on the right track Healing, or on the wrong track spending and declining.