The Information is Anti-Industry.

Dr. Ronald P. Drucker

Why Didn’t My Specialist tell me that I could restore proper immune function and eliminate autoimmunity, the root cause of my illness.

Every good doctor I have had the pleasure to train, has answered that question through the very questions they ask. Most have been taught little about immune function, and virtually nothing in regard to immune restoration.

Most doctors practicing today, regardless of their specific field, are wonderful caring individuals. It is the entrenched profit-based policies of The Establishment system which are to blame for the miserable track record of modern medicine … not the doctors.

Physicians today are required to practice within the “standards” of the community. This does not mean what it seems to say. The word standard no longer refers to the qualities of high or low, excellent or poor. It now means that you do what everybody else is doing; even though no vote on the matter has been taken. The medical physician of today is merely the product of over a century of conditioning in the “legitimate drug” culture. The neuroses of arrogance and dogma have made medicine self-destructive and severely impaired its capacity for creative or dissident thinking. It has always been the dissident thinker which has caused the art and the science of medicine to advance and flourish.

It is historical fact that the pharmaceutical industry has been the major force responsible for the narrow, arrogant and simple minded path that has brought physicians success in less than ten percent of the diseases they are called upon to treat. Yet profits are not generated from successes, they are generated from treatments.

The pharmaceutical complex provides research grants, contracts and advertising support responsible for the existence of the many thousands of journals published each year. This guarantees virtual control over scientific and medical direction and thought. The result has been highly profitable. By creating a dogmatic religious zeal in the search for the “holy grail,” the cure of all disease by drugs, the average physician has become totally intolerant of all other schools of thought and practice. The great majority of physicians are honest, dedicated, and sincere scientists. They truly believe that they are on the “cutting edge” of medicine and that anyone who pursues another path is either misguided or ill-informed. As long as physicians continue to pursue the magic pharma bullet, and ignore thousands of years of experience; iatrogenic (medically caused) illness and death will become more prevalent than ever. A new study by patient safety researchers shows medical errors may be the third leading cause of death in the U.S., after heart disease and cancer. (The Washington Post)

Albert Einstein stated; “To me the worst thing seems to be a school principally to work with methods of fear, force, and artificial authority. Such treatment destroys the sound sentiments, the sincerity, and the self-confidence of pupils, and produces a subservient subject.”

The public who has been misguided and kept in the dark for decades is slowly waking up to the truth. Each individual has a choice to make. The questions become: Do I want to continue on a course of blind faith dictated by the pharma/medical establishment who trains my “Harvard trained” physician? Do I want to continue on this path that offers no solution or cure to my illness, a path that allows my continual decline? Would I rather address and conquer the root cause of my illness?

It is clearly a simple choice, yet most will never make it, for they do not possess the confidence or courage to think for themselves. They have been conditioned by the industry to believe that these subjects are complicated beyond the understanding of the common man. They have been conditioned by the industry to rely on the industry, and the industry controlled media.

And thus they wait. They wait year after year for the industry controlled doctor or industry controlled media to bring them the answer. An answer that never comes.

The minds are under their control, and like a masterful puppeteer, they can make the public walk. “Walk for Cancer,” “Walk for Lupus.” Walk the walk and talk the talk. And they do. They do because their hearts are in the right place, but their minds are trusting in an industry built on disease, not healing.

Once Again; Much which has been obvious for the few, has always been a mystery for the masses. I cannot save the masses through education. Only a few who want to be among the few.

Start Healing the Root-Cause today.

Dr. Ronald P. Drucker

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