People are asking: “How to cure Autoimmune Disease Naturally ?”

People are asking: “How to heal or cure Autoimmune Diseases Naturally ?”

There are an estimated 50 million persons in this country alone suffering with autoimmune driven conditions. They are all ages and come from all walks of life. Most have tried the pharmaceutical drugs and gained nothing more than organ damage and a hard education. Most will be on these medications by their doctor’s orders for life, as quality of life progressively slips away.

Others have tried the diets, the supplements, and the promoted procedures to the state of mental, physical, and financial exhaustion. People are literally breaking their backs and their banks in an attempt to gain some relief, any relief, from autoimmune conditions. Their fortitude must be respected, but their direction is not a prescription for success.

When the small percentage who find me learn of just how simple the solution really is, at first they find it hard to believe.

The first question I ask them is; “What Disease are you suffering from?”  A typical answer might be “My disease is Arthritis, or Fibromyalgia, or Crohn’s or Colitis, or Lupus, or Chronic Fatigue, or any of over 100 autoimmune “diseases” on the list.

I say to them; “No, that is Not your disease, that is your “condition” or the “result” of your disease. One cannot cure a result by addressing a result. You must address and conquer the root-disease; Autoimmunity. Then and only then will the result dissipate.”                                                                 

Your root disease is Autoimmunity, which means that your immune system has malfunctioned and it is attacking You, (the tissues of your body) instead of attacking the bacterial and viral invaders coming into your body daily.

With the focus now on the malfunctioning Immune System, those paying attention often ask; “What is my immune system lacking doctor?”

The answer is Immune Modulating Components. These are the natural phytonutrients which allow the immune system to create an ACCURATE functioning killer cell which finds (hits) and eliminates the harmful pathogens, without attacking (hitting) the tissues if the body (autoimmunity defined).


Is this My Theory? Or maybe, more thing that sounds good and does not Work?

No. It Is FACT.

I HAVE been trying to tell all of you for years. Some listen and heal. Most do not listen.

Now the Data is in:

Clinical Studies now published on DigestaCure® AUTOIMMUNE-X demonstrate an average 88% therapeutic improvement inside of 12 months for autoimmune conditions.

Read the Studies, Read the reports from the patients, and start healing.

The sooner you start healing, the sooner you will be healed. Dr. Drucker

Immune Modulating Components (IMCs).

The nation’s top immune restoration doctors use the IMCs – ask me who they are.

(There is no prescription required – you do not need a doctor to heal.)