We are Normalizing Immune Function, Not “Boosting.”

It would appear that varying levels of confusion exist among some, concerning the concepts of immune balancing, immune boosting, and immune suppression.

Since “terms” are often misused, and misinterpreted, defining what we need to accomplish is paramount.

When suffering with an autoimmune condition, the wise choice is NOT to ingest immune “boosting” substances. We do not wish to “boost” or “rev up” an immune system which is misfiring and attacking the tissues of the body. Common examples of immune boosters are: Chinese herbs and mushrooms, yeast extracts, and high dosages of Vitamin D beyond what’s needed. Even “probiotics” can be counterproductive in persons with varying levels of leaky Gut Syndrome. The bacteria do not belong in the lymphatics or bloodstream; rather they belong inside the intestinal tract.

Nor is the wise choice to repeatedly Suppress the immune system with immune suppressing drugs, which in addition to the multiple health crises caused by eliminating the defense mechanism of the body, are in themselves among the deadliest organ and tissue damaging chemicals (drugs) manufactured by mankind.

Virus 77

The intelligent choice is to feed the immune system the natural substances which provide ACCURACY to immunity, allowing the immune system to produce an accurate functioning killer cell, which “SEES” and eliminates the foreign pathogen (the “germs”) as designed. Properly produced, accurate functioning, killer immune cells attack the pathogens, not the tissues of the body. Problem solved.

Therefore, keeping it simple without getting into all the physiologic terminology; We are not “Boosting” nor are we “Suppressing” the immune system. We are providing the immune system with the natural components which enable immunity to operate Normally, with Accuracy.

We are Balancing and Normalizing immune function.

The best source for Organic Immune Modulating Components is Here. 

Dr. D

If the reader is interested in the technicals which allow all this to transpire, Read my free book here.


Note: Whenever I speak about Healing or Eliminating disease, I am speaking of the immune system’s innate ability to do so, not the doctor, or myself.

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Dr. Drucker is a natural healing physician with 21 years of experience in healing Autoimmune Conditions, spreading the word about healing Autoimmune Conditions, and teaching other physicians how to heal autoimmune conditions. “I am able to openly teach any individual or practitioner, and spread the word that these “incurable conditions” are indeed very easily healed, because I am an independent who is not selling drugs or supplements, and who is not being compensated by any party who is. I am referring the individual and practitioner to a healing procedure, and I am charging no fees to do so.” Contact Me

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