I have found that Fibromyalgia is Autoimmune driven or related, and is easily healed.

No Autoimmunity = No Autoimmune Condition

By Dr. Ronald P. Drucker

I have come to this inevitable conclusion, for when we restore proper immune function in a patient with other autoimmune conditions, and those conditions dissipate, so too does the fibromyalgia.

I have found the average healing time frame for a patient with fibromyalgia to be 8 months.

When we reduce and progressively diminish the source of inflammation, (the attacking mode of the immune system) the autoimmune conditions dissipate. Now all autoimmune conditions are labeled as “incurable” by the pharma/medical establishment, so let me begin by apologizing for being dedicated to health and healing.


It really isn’t rocket science, yet the medical community seems to be insistent on making it unnecessarily complicated. Could they once again be protecting their financial interests? Please pardon the rhetorical question.

The traditional medical community states:

“Fibromyalgia is NOT an autoimmune disease. The cause of fibromyalgia is unknown. Persons who have other diseases may be more likely to have fibromyalgia. These diseases include rheumatoid arthritis, Fibromyalgia and ankylosing spondylitis. The symptoms of fibromyalgia are sometimes the same as in many autoimmune diseases and diagnosis may be difficult.”

Interesting. They state that no one knows the cause (unknown),presumably themselves included, yet they state that the condition is “NOT” an autoimmune disease. This is the first contradiction.

Immune block

Then they proceed to state that Fibromyalgia is associated with three known autoimmune diseases which they list, and that the symptoms of Fibromyalgia are sometimes “the same as in many autoimmune diseases.”

Note: Interestingly again, they fail to mention Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, which is most often associated with Fibromyalgia, has most of the same symptoms, is diagnosed interchangeably with Fibromyalgia, and is clearly recognized as Autoimmune.

Their statement, which has possibly sent millions of suffering persons off in the wrong direction, is a typical example of the type of convoluted, useless nonsense which has sent an ever growing percentage of the population off in the opposite direction of the doctor.

Would a more useful, an less misleading statement read this way?:

We, the traditional medical community, are not certain of the cause of Fibromyalgia, but it is unquestionably often associated with diseases and symptoms known to be caused by Autoimmunity.

I took the time to take you through this exercise, because I have had numerous individuals with Fibromyalgia say; “But doc, they say it’s not autoimmune.”

Therefore I am announcing to all, once again, that I am fully aware of “what they say” and that I have little interest in what they say, and neither should anyone suffering with Fibromyalgia, for when we address the source of inflammation, (the attacking mode of the immune system) the condition progressively dissipates.

Eventually, the public will come to understand that these conditions can be easily overcome by simply feeding the immune system, and restoring balanced immune function.

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Note: Whenever I speak about Healing or Eliminating disease, I am speaking of the immune system’s innate ability to do so, not the doctor, or myself.

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Dr. Drucker is a natural healing physician with 21 years of experience in healing Autoimmune Conditions, spreading the word about healing Autoimmune Conditions, and teaching other physicians how to heal autoimmune conditions. “I am able to openly teach any individual or practitioner, and spread the word that these “incurable conditions” are indeed very easily healed, because I am an independent who is not selling drugs or supplements, and who is not being compensated by any party who is. I am referring the individual and practitioner to a healing procedure, and I am charging no fees to do so.” Contact Me

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